ABE Associates, Inc. (ABE) is a full service engineering firm established to provide comprehensive engineering design services for private and municipal clients. ABE is minority owned and operated, the headquarters is located in Detroit, Michigan. The goal of ABE is to provide innovative solutions for the engineeering industry while being responsive to the engineering needs of clients in the public and private sector.

ABE has a diverse and multi-disciplined staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals providing GIS, civil, mechanical, structural and electrical engineering, computer aided drafting and surveying services. ABE offers extensive expertise in planning, design and construction of private, public, industrial commercial and municipal projects.

Collectively, ABE's staff has over one hundred years of engineering consulting experience in the municipal and private sector. The staff of ABE is familiar with local, state and federal standards and regulations to complete engineering projects on schedule, within budget, while obtaining necessary construction permits in a timely manner. Each staff member brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, creating a firm that is highly qualified and capable. Employees' training is kept current by attending the latest industry training programs, equipping them with the latest technology to meet or exceed our client's expectations. Our staff is flexible, able to complete assigned tasks and work as a team on projects that involve multiple consulting firms.

ABE has been involved in a number of waste water treatment plants, water treatment plants, water system, sanitary, storm and combined sewer studies and design.

ABE is a multi-disciplined Consulting Engineering firm with capabilities to provide full service in the following areas:

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155 W. Congress, Suite 450
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Fax: (313) 961-5172

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At ABE, "We Provide Solutions For Your Engineering Needs".

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At ABE, "We Provide Solutions For Your Engineering Needs".

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